Below are some brands we currently operate and/or

have worked with in the past.

Xtend+Climb® is focused on bringing a range of innovative climbing products to the professional and domestic DIY landscaper by designing safe and easy to use solutions, which positively impact the lives of consumers.

The Xtend+Climb® brand was launched by Core Distribution, Inc. in 2001. Core Distribution, Inc is a product designer, global manufacturer, and supplier dedicated to bringing innovative patented products to consumers worldwide.

Since 2001, Xtend+Climb® has been awarded 47 patents for climbing products, which has not only made us a worldwide leader in climbing innovation but the world’s largest manufacturer of telescoping ladders.

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Core Studio is a new brand and product program being prepared to launch by Core Distribution in 2014.

The Core Studio product brand is inspired by what we call The Human Need Continuum: A platform that outlines the natural progression of support and elevation which our range of products live on. Focusing on honest design principles and task-oriented features, Core’s Mission is to create freshly designed and convenient solutions that bring a greater impact to the daily lives of the modern consumer through sit, surface, step, and climb product categories.

Keep an eye on for more information, otherwise, contact us to inquire more about our plans to bring you Task Oriented Support for Humans.

Perfect Sense is Core Distribution’s trademarked brand which became dedicated to our growing program in the See Spot Save and check-out lane departments at Target stores. Under Perfect Sense, Core has developed, sourced and distributed a wide range of products including flashlights, multi-tools, headlamps, styluses, just to name a few. In just 9 weeks in 2012, Core fulfilled and sold 1.2 million flashlight units through Target.

Core continues to operate the Perfect Sense program and is always looking for exciting opportunities with new retailers that work with our current program.

Core Distribution is North America’s exclusive distributor of Access Active and Access Breeze rollator products.

Access Vital is a leading Norwegian supplier of technical aids. Access Vital’s product range includes a wide variety of stairlifts and vertical lifts, in addition to ceiling hoists, scooters, and of course the Active and Breeze Rollators, which are sold worldwide.

Please contact us for more information on Access Rollators.

In 2013, Core Distribution Inc., launched a product promotion with Target that will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.

Under this fundraising initiative, Core Distribution will donate 50 cents from each sale of specially branded Perfect Sense® flashlights and stylus pens to St. Jude. Sales of the items, which retail for $3 and are now available in the checkout lanes of Target stores, will provide a minimum guaranteed donation of $250,000.

Available currently at Target stores nationwide, this promotion will run through 2014.

Mobilegs are next-generation ergonomic crutches that are transforming the way the world thinks about mobility. The company was founded in 2008 by Jeff Weber, an award-winning designer of iconic ergonomic products such as the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, and successful entrepreneur John White.

Upon the launch of Mobilegs, Core Distribution became involved as a manufacturing partner to help with the sourcing and production scaling of the product offering. Mobi, LLC is now solely manages the manufacturing of their Mobilegs product offering.

Sweet Table is a family of biodegradable tableware products brought to market exclusively by Core Distribution in 2007.

Sweet Table has been sold widely around the country and is the premier provider of innovative product solutions in compostable tableware. Made from sugarcane, Sweet Table products are 100% biodegradable and compost in 45-90 days while most common reusable materials take multiple years.

Please contact Core Distribution, Inc for further information on our Sweet Table program.

Core Distribution, Inc is Evertidy’s exclusive partner and distributor to retailers in the United States.

Evertidy is a line of products designed by a team of engineers and creators with one single goal: to offer a quality product, with an innovative design, so useful we wonder how we lived without it!

Evertidy offers a complete range of organization products created to target various aspects of daily activities: workshop, gardening, laundry, sport.

Please contact Core Distribution for further information on the Evertidy product program.